PyTorch Object Detection :: YOLOv7 TXT

YOLOv7 leveraging OpenVINO™ Integration with Torch-ORT

OpenVINO™ integration with Torch-ORT gives PyTorch developers the ability to stay within their chosen framework all the while still getting the speed and inferencing power of OpenVINO™ toolkit through inline optimizations used to accelerate your PyTorch applications.

Benefits of OpenVINO™ integration with Torch-ORT:

Easy Installation — Install OpenVINO™ integration with Torch-ORT with pip

Simple API — No need to refactor existing code, just import OpenVINO™ integration with Torch-ORT, set your desired target device to run inference and wrap your model

Performance — Achieve higher inference performance over native PyTorch

Support for Intel devices — Intel® CPUs, Intel® integrated GPUs, Intel® VPUs

Inline Model Conversion — no explicit model conversion steps required