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YOLOv5 Instance Segmentation

YOLOv5 for Instance Segmentation

YOLOv5 was released by Glenn Jocher on June 9, 2020 for object detection. Recently, YOLOv5 added support for instance segmentation (September 2022) and classification (August 2022).

Instance Segmentation results for YOLOv5

Instance Segmentation with YOLOv5

Instance segmentation (also known as image segmentation) is the computer vision task of recognizing objects in images along with their associated shape. It's useful in cases where you need to measure the size of detected objects, cut them out of their background, or more accurately detect oblong rotated objects.

YOLOv5 instance segmentation

Find a free instance segmentation dataset to try YOLOv5 for instance segmentation.

If you have your own data, label your images for free using Roboflow Annotate.

Labeling and annotation for YOLOv5 Instance segmentation

YOLOv5 benefits

YOLOv5 is regarded as smaller and generally easier to use in production thanks to being implemented in Pytorch. Read more about YOLOv5 performance.

YOLOv5 performance

YOLOv5 Size